Preloader image Making it Snappy
Snaps - cafe sceneBenjamin Keene is down on his luck, his adopted father is passing away and he screws up a date, meeting with a girl he met online. He feels like his world is crashing down on him, that’s when he snaps. Mentally and Physically. Putting his thumb and middle finger together he doesn’t realize, that he’s done something completely new. A girl, Audrey, across the coffee shop notices what he did and stops him in his tracks to ask about the sound. They bond over the invention, and eventually fall for each other. Gaining local recognition, Ben doesn’t realize the importance that the snap has on the community. Audrey’s twisted venture capitalist father finds out, and attempts to stop the movement that the snap is creating with the help of his old group: The Claps. He forbids Audrey from seeing Ben. Ben has to decide wether he wants to wallow in the misery of his twisted world where he’s an inventor of a strange bodily motion… Or save Audrey from her increasingly psychotic father and risk loosing his thumbs. If you could change your world in a snap, would you?