Preloader image Making it Snappy

  • In a world…
  • Where people aren’t good with their hands…
  • When Benjamin Keene invents the ‘Snap’
  • It changes things
  • Forever
  • Man! (A Jaxon Creative Production) (TESC Student Film)


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What People Are Saying About SNAPS

  • “Snaps captures the beauty of Olympia in a way we haven’t seen before on film, painting the town with light.”



Full Cast and Crew


Keith Anderson – Benjamin Keene

Sarah Robertson – Audrey Cadigan

Jeff Hirschberg – Rupert Cadigan

Jonah Barrett – Chip Boy

Darien Springer – Lenny

Gabriel Stranahan – Kyle -The Roommate

Zack Alexander – Slam Poet Narrator

Micah Winetsky – Dennis The Mailman

Maia Shmueli – Jenny “The Online Date”

Rachel Carlson – Chip Girl

Michael Young – Homeless Man

Jackson Rosenfeld – Bitter Barista

Anthony Tupasi – Darren Winters – Oly Channel 9

Gordon B. Scott – Voice of Ben’s Dad

Music, Arrangements, Production and Lyrics by Jackson Rosenfeld


Micah Winetsky – Director of Photography

Marena Teixeira – PA

Amberlyn – PA

Darien Springer – PA

Matthew Tucker – PA

Ben Beckel – Grip

Jason Murley – Grip

Mexican Mama Catering – Crafty

Brittany Cartwright – Crafty Assistant

Assistant Director

Brandon Cartwright

2nd AD

Jeff Stillwell

California AD

Callie Haun


Samantha Eagle-Elk

Costume Design

Rachel Carlson

Drone Footage

Jacob Edmonson – Cobalt Productions

Sound/Boom Operator 

Jason Murley

2nd Boom Operator

Casey Bates

Boat Sailor

Pirate Dave

Audio Engineers 

Keith Anderson

Samantha Jones

Mic Xavior Dubmeister

Additional Lyrics

Sara Geiger

Bass Player

Aidan Collins-Smith

Music Mixing & Mastering

Jared Newman

Final Audio Mixing & Mastering

Matt Childs

Color Correction & Color Grading

Micah Winetsky


– Roomates –

Jason Murley

Brian O’Connor

– Coffee Shop Extras –

Lawrence Walker

Elizabeth “Betsea” Antonio

Jay Jones

– B-Ball Players –

Brandon A. Cartwright

Matthew Kinread

Jason Murley

Jackson Rosenfeld

– Dancers –

Andrew White

Xia Russell-Andrade

Harrison Goldsmith

Javiera Sobarzo

Ryan North

– Oly Channel 9 News –

Jocelyn McManhon

Bella Gadsby

Stefan Perez

Tim Markham

Miranda Limonczenko

Sarah Kauffman

Will Foremaker

– Clap Conference –

Karl Herzog

Roxane Waldron

Martin O. Waldron

Stephen Kelso

Jamie Jensen

Jeffrey Stillwell


Marita Michalis

Martin O. Waldron

Jesse Moore-Hendrickson

– Poetry Slam –

Amber Sayman

Jackson Rosenfeld

Sara Geiger

Robin Heil

Liam Spring

Kevin Fenski

Trevor Greetham

– Snap App HQ –

Brandon Clute

Mariah Jade Smith

Jesse Moore-Hendrickson

Mandy Baker

Ben Beckel

Special Thanks To:

The Evergreen State College

Carole Coates

Mario Bosanac

Adam LeGrand Hobbs

Monique Anderson

Shannon Stewart

Sara Geiger

Callie Haun

TESC Media Loan

Rebecca Rodgers

Very Special Thanks To:

Cafe Vita

The SwanTown Inn

Grandpa’s Ice Cream

Mexican Mama Catering

& Kabby Mitchell

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